Wednesday, 23 December 2009

So the UK degree - which is already considered too short at 3 years by our peers in much of the rest of the world - is to get even shorter.

So the answer is sawn-off, half-arsed degrees? Flexibility in learning methods may be no bad thing, but not when British Business Men remain Shit!

What the hell is wrong with the people running the Government.? This is a terrible terrible terrible idea. Instead of churning out unemployable idiots our education system will start churning out morons, Mandelson is a prime example, he only has one skill, feathering his own nest. At last, all is revealed!
The final plan unveiled to a dazzled nation gasping in wonder at the sheer brilliant audacity of it all. There will be no hurdles to further education, because there will be no hurdles! Want a degree? All you need to do is send fifty quid to that nice Mr. Mandleson, enclosing an SAE, and you'll get a photocopy of any certificate you want. In colour and everything! This way, the country gets a few bob and we can get rid of all those smelly old Universities and teachers and and textbooks and bollocks like that.

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