Friday, 11 December 2009

How did this moron ever get near the reigns of power?

Saviour of the planet.

Yellow streak Brown should relocate to the third world, he is not fit for purpose here in the UK. Perhaps this is all part of his once again self focus recruitment strategy for another role? This is however seriously worrying for the UK Tax payer and we should be very concerned with how unilaterally he is making poor decisions for this country. How the hell can yellow streak Brown start giving more of our money away when the country is already bankrupt? If we are to really tackle climate change we would have to change our lives so radically that it would be impossible. Firstly we would have to shrink and contain the global population, then scrap globalisation for a more localised model where the need for transportation was limited. This would inevitably mean shrinking economies. All this rubbish they are planning will not solve a single thing!
How could the Treasury just "find" £1.5 billion? With the budget deficit standing at a record £178bn, tax increases, and "savings" in the public sector (meaning jobs), yellow streak Brown has the audacity to shell out this money to fight "climate change" on the basis of dodgy science.
As reported elsewhere, taxpayers face a £2 trillion unfunded pensions liability. Prudence yellow streak Brown turns a blind eye to this real disaster in the making, while strutting on the world stage proclaiming to be the saviour of the planet. Funding our competitors such as China and India will give them a technological lead over the UK, as there would be no control over how the money is spent.Yellow streak Brown's legacy will be man who nailed down the lid on Britain's economic coffin.

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