Saturday, 19 December 2009

No. Instead they should be semi-illiterate clowns like Mister Pat and his eco-warrior pal Prescott.

Postman Pat that is "Alan Johnson will speed up the launch of identity cards in a bid to wrong-foot the Tories, who want to scrap the scheme."

Yet another example of Liebore trying to wrong-foot the Tories - to hell with what is in the best interests of the country as a whole.
For God's sake, what this country really needs is a public school educated government. The Liebore government model of ex miner, disabled, working class idiots has completely brought this country to its knees.
Liebore have stuffed up this country in almost every way possible including schools, NHS, ridiculous laws, nannying, immigration causing huge over-population plus a huge debt which will take forever to pay because of spend, spend, spend, so does he really think we would vote Liebore in again - we're not all stupid you know, get a life please !
Postman Pat is another totally inadequate Home Secretary. Among yellow streak Brown's biggest failures is his inability to appoint experienced, educated people as Ministers of the Crown.

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