Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Under Darling's scheme due to begin in June households may trade in their rusty inefficient Government that are over 10 years old.Hip,Hip, Hooray!

This is a government hell bent on destroying the fabric of society. It is a spiteful vindictive government totally out to hit the middle family classes.
Get further into the pit!

Absolute incompetence - spend spend spend continues - this lot were fatally overspent well before the credit crunch, and I am nearly out of all words to describe their actions.
So the frugal and careful continue to pay for yellow streak Brown's stupidity over his ten years as Chancellor and that of his successor ever since?
Dumbledorf Darling really hasn't a clue. "In the Budget in April, dumbledorf Darling said the economy would shrink by 3.5 per cent. Today, he admitted the decline will be 4.75 per cent, the worst since the Second World War."
He was out by a factor of ONE THIRD on that forecast. And of course, good little socialist that he is, he gets the plaudits of the masses for a light slap on the wrists for the bankers, and then proceeds to screw the rest of us. I thought we had to cut our expenditure to repay our debts. So start cutting like the Irish, everything has to be cut. That's all public sector jobs at the top, not the front line workers who are underpaid. We could close four out of five health trusts and run them singly to cover the other ones.
Its hard I know, but we have to get out of debt quickly or go bust.
The only ones not to suffer are the out of work and work shy.
We desperately need to throw out this bunch of incompetents and have them replaced with some of the previous successful leaders of this country.


  1. Labour has always been made up of unreconstructed Marxists and swivel eyed internationalist dreamers of one world utopia, but this lot under Brown have wreaked more damage on our country than all the previous put together.
    It is quite clear that Brown hates Britain and everything it stands for, so turning us into a basket case laughing stock banana republic his vision is realised and his job complete.
    That one eyed scheming malevolent arsehole has holed us in the arse, never before have we had an unelected dictator completely removed from the democratic process, he is not answerable or responsible for his despicable acts as he was not voted into office, the whole thing has been shameful and an affront to democracy, we are no longer a democratic country thanks to Labour.

  2. Sean, wow, I couldn't beat what you say, you almost hate yellow streak more than I do!