Tuesday, 29 December 2009

"Gentle Men" with a "mental problem" do not knowingly smuggle heroin over a border.

Briton Akmal Shaikh had been executed in China this morning despite last minute pleas for clemency. However, yellow streak Gordon Brown immediately condemned the execution 'in the strongest terms'.

Mr yellow streak Brown and your cronies stop making out that you are appalled by China's actions you should be backing it, after all we are always being told when in other Countries respect their Laws and respect their culture and their people, you might be weak willed and allow foreigners into our country and abuse our way of life but China has not, maybe you should look to them for advice and see how its done .
All Drug Dealers have mental problems.....they are deluded into thinking they are above the law.
We don't have rule of law in Britain, there are just a myriad of excuses to avoid responsibility for our actions. The man isn't British he was born in Pakistan, has only fleeting association with the British Caliphate, where given the proper judicial Sharia treatment he would have received the same punishment, just with the added embellishment of a sword to detach his head from his body.
England has no law and order I am not suggesting bringing back the death penalty but I believe life should mean life for child killers. So I say to yellow streak Brown, you expect us to live with your nanny state and sit back while you rob us blind from tax payers money with no charges brought to you or your mates ...maybe in China you too may face the death penalty for FRAUD. Think about that! Each country has its laws and you must respect them..the colony days are gone. 'We are British' don't make me laugh...most of them with any sense have left this sinking ship.

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