Sunday, 6 December 2009

If your sucked in by Labour, you will get the government you deserve.

Yellow streak Brown's comments show that Labour is still the party of class war and envy and that the new Labour mask has slipped.

So David Cameron is Eton educated - so what? This is hardly new information as we have known this for months. We also know that several Labour MPs have had privileged upbringings or, as in the case of Diane Abbott, have sent their children to private schools. There was also a system called the Assisted Places Scheme which enabled children from poorer backgrounds to have a private education but this was abolished by Labour on gaining office in 1997.
This attack smacks of Labour's desperation and does them no credit. Even some Labour MPs think that it's a mistake. David Cameron is right when he says that voters have little interest in politicians' educational background as long as they can do the job properly.

Yellow streak Brown's cheap jibe at Cameron's education is an indication of his inability to understand why the electorate have turned against Labour politics.
It will certainly not sway the opinion of most voters.
It is not educational background that counts but the need for clear minded, fair and just policies that will benefit the bulk of the population and our country.
In other words we need another Margaret Thatcher, who knew what was required and steadfastly set out to achieve it.
The good she did has since been squandered by subsequent mediocre governments.
If Cameron wins he must realise he cannot be all things to all people, like Bliar was, but must have clear objectives for the good of all.


  1. Cameron must win, as long as there is a working majority, however big or small, he can start putting common sense back and fixing Labours broken society, no more Labour meddling and micromanaging things they do not understand out of ideologically motivated spite and envy.
    There is nothing we have left now that Labour haven't trashed, they need to be out for as long as they were last time. Get our house back in order then take on the frogs and krauts from a position of security and strength...

  2. Sean, your obviously quite convinced that Cameron must win. But I am sure that Yellow streak Brown will do everything he can to remain in power. So look out for future Labour scams like this one.

  3. Sean, I meant to congratulate you with your 2-1 victory yesterday!

  4. I quite agree Oliver, Brown is desperate and morally bankrupt and there is not a dirty trick that he and his filthy henchmen will not use to keep him in No.10. including lies smears and downright electoral fraud.
    Attempting to emasculate the City of London will hopefully be Browns final two fingered salute to England, 6 more months of this totally fuckwitted megalomaniacal nutter is going to be a long time though...

  5. Cheers mate, they need to start beating the crap teams now, now the international breaks are behind us we can hopefully get some consistent form going...