Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Yellow streak Brown is childish to mock Cameron's background.

What a tosser! (sorry! I meant wanker)

Yellow streak Brown should look at the lifestyles of his Liebore colleagues. Bliar and Prescott are good examples, living on the proceeds of politics not enterprise.
Does anyone really think that the rantings of our MPs (of all parties) at PMQ are really of any interest to the vast majority of the electorate? What is happening in the real world is what is going to dictate the outcome of the General Election. Incidentally, how many of those who learned on "The playing fields of Eton" laid down their lives for this country that the politicians have given away.
The good thing about Cameron coming from such a privileged background is he won't be trying to take the country for every penny unlike Bliar,Prescott and yellow streak Brown as he has his own pennies and lots of them .
Isn't it always Labour who make such a big thing about class, the reason? They make a lot of money out of it, communists like John Reid, would never have climbed the greasy pole without a lifetime of slagging off the wealthy. Some legacy to leave the nation.
The reality is far darker, it is those who are considerably poorer as they enter 2010. Those who will not be able to hold down another job given the redundancy paper they hold has closed doors for at least another year. Those who will live on savings they wanted to use for their children's education will be used for their survival. These matters are not for one liners- they are for leaders. If yellow streak Brown is really that brilliant- why is Britain so poor? Why does his government roll out PR policies when the real answers lie in addressing the issues which are hurting so many people, unemployment, housing, education and health services. Where are the results?
This is been the year of poor performance for yellow streak Brown and instead of taking responsibility he has taken the road of a weak strategist, one who just does not know when to go home.

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  1. People in glass houses should not throw stones. I would far rather see an ex public school boy in government than an ex stalinist! See The roots of New Labour. What is wrong with our media, why don't they explain exactly what it meant to be an extreme left winger in the Cold War? These Labour ministers were evil by their own choice when they were younger, not sent there by their parents.