Monday, 29 June 2009

'We shouldn't be surprised. I believe there is a thread of dishonesty running through this premiership.'

These were the words of David Cameron yesterday. The only word he didn't use was liar.

But I say these are all lies, lies and more lies, where will the daft man get the money from, borrow it?
We are in a severe recession, borrowing is going through the roof and (all independent experts agree) difficult decisions are necessary if the UK's finances are going to race over over the next decade. So what do we get at this moment of crisis - re-announcements from Our Supreme Leader, Ed Balls making off the cuff comments about NewLab investment (aka: Government spending) and from the unelected Lord Mandelson - the real PM- pronouncements on a host of non-business issues. The only person who is not speaking about financial matters is the Chancellor.
The British homes for British workers plan sounds almost as good as Gorgon's plan for British Jobs for British Workers - because the latter worked so well; nobody believes Liebours lies and spin anymore. They are now having to adopt BNP policies in a feeble attempt to win the next election. Until the legal challenges come that render such policies unenforceable, legal challenges made possible by Liebour equality laws. People should not be fooled by this latest posturing. They make the same unenforceable promises with jobs and immigration, which are subsequently overturned by EU laws.
To have no spending review before the general election is dishonest, Liebour simply cannot face the truth anymore.
For those of you who have been 'investing' via your credit cards and overdrafts over the last few years, you know what the repayments will be like when interest rates go up, so when Liebour's 'investing' comes home to roost we all know that cuts will have to be made and taxes will have to rise, the mess is Gorgon Brown's and no amount of blame on the USA or anyone else in the world can take that away!
There is no doubt that flash Gorgon Brown has already succeeded in building Britain's future. We have a debt mountain that will dominate everything for at least two generations. We have a pension crisis that will split the country in two for generations, probably more a more divisive battleground than the old class war ever was. We have a confidence crisis in the integrity of Sterling that will probably never recover. We have a disillusionment from savers that will undermine industrial investment for years.

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