Monday, 15 June 2009

'Establishment stitch-up'.

The long-awaited inquiry into the Iraq war will be heard in secret and will not report until after the next election; well what a surprise!
kamikaze Brown knows only too well that the outcome of this investigation will add fuel to the simmering fury that thousands of voters hold in contempt.

Everything this government does is for show. Nothing is real. They are going to spend vast amounts of public money on a secret enquiry and, "the primary object of the committee will be to identify lessons learned". Does he mean that we've learned the lessons, but we don't know that we've learned them? What a ridiculous idea!
Brown has completely lost touch with reality; a serious matter like a war, and all he can manage is a secret enquiry set up by people who, as usual, are not elected, not accountable to anyone but Brown, and won't be believed by anyone at all.
He should be reminded that he and his Government should serve the people at all times and not use devious policies to hide behind.


  1. Same old - same old. Tricks and devices presented as tough government action. I despair.

  2. Scunnert, this is a brownwash of the first order!