Friday, 5 June 2009

The PM proving to be gutless.

kamikaze Brown has proved beyond all doubt that he is not a great leader or even an average one or a man of vision but a cowardly bully.
What a coward not to sack Darling, that is unforgivable. If Darling says on your bike I am staying where I am then he is also proving to be gutless.
He knows the game is up for him and his government but he does not have the courage to say, OK lets put it to the people.

He is being proved as one of our worst chancellors and possibly the worst Prime Minister ever. What is bitterly disappointing is that he is putting himself first and the country second and that is unforgivable.
The people have found him out as well and it is time to go. I still say that there will be an October election as Brown cannot possibly allow the pre-budget and the budget to show just what a state he has put our finances in and what it will cost to get us out of it.
Now lets see how this demented leader is going to solve all the countries issues.
Glenys Kinnock was handed a peerage and unveiled as a desperate replacement for the outgoing Miss Flint. Who is this Kinnock person, is she related to the the not so famous Neil?
Oh no she has been a Liebour MEP in Brussels and she has proven to be the most expensive MEP for her travel expenses, so we had better watch out.
Ironically, it was his once sworn enemy and leadership rival who kept his hopes alive. 'Lord' Mandelson, who kamikaze Brown brought back into his Government last year from the EU, played a pivotal role in persuading other ministers not to rock the boat.
He was rewarded with a massively expanded Whitehall empire and a lavish 18-word title that included ‘First Secretary of State’ effectively making him the kamikaze Prime Minister’s number two. Now, next stop for him is 'leader' of the Liebour party after Brown's departure.
Next, it is another 'Lord' Adonis who is replacing expenses 'King' Geoff Hoon who quit the Cabinet yesterday with the promise that he will soon be able to join a new gravy train in Brussels. However, the appointment will add to growing fears over the number of non-elected members of the House of Lords now occupying Cabinet positions.
kamikaze Brown was accused of promoting ‘bullying and sexism’ in the workplace yesterday after he told Sir Alan Sugar: ‘You're hired! The loud-mouthed star of the BBC reality TV show The Apprentice will be handed a peerage after he agreed to become an Enterprise Tsar for Labour.His impending elevation to the House of Lords was condemned by a senior Labour peer who said that it sends the wrong message to Liebour's working-class supporters.
This kamikaze Prime Minister (who has never put himself forward in a general election for that position) has endorsed Mandelson, Kinnock and Adonis (who aren't even an MP and therefore not elected) as a ministers and now chooses Sugar (again unelected) to assist him.
Corruption is rife amongst the remaining socialist ministers who are now nearly all multi millionaires and many of these were Communist Party members in their earlier days and no doubt still sympathisers to that ideology.
If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live in a soviet style totalitarian police state, wonder no more, oh and then, arise 'Lord' Simon Cowell, Minister of Entertainment kamikaze Brown has completely lost it and is making politics in this country a sick joke.

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