Wednesday, 24 June 2009

"Our Leader and Teacher".

kamikaze Brown is now an embarrassment. The Tories and the Liberals told him to his face today in Parliament. His answers don't make any sense.
kamikaze Brown is always trying this tired old tactic to frighten the electorate with tales of Tory cuts. But people are making expenditure cuts themselves so they can see the truth that Brown denies. Why should one man's folly and obstinacy be allowed to blight the future of a whole country?
As a country, just as we should as individuals, we must live within our means. Any prospective government that promises otherwise is not worthy of our vote. kamikaze Brown can't even be honest about his plans, he must be the most untrustworthy politician of our generation.
kamikaze Brown has the stench of failure about him just go before we all suffocate from the smell!

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