Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Britain's unemployment rate is now 7.2 per cent and rising.

The official statistics are grim enough. Add on a few million more, to represent the "non entities" who can't claim a penny and you'll get some idea of how dire the situation really is. It's not really surprising that many of the occupations showing the biggest percentage rises in unemployment are white collar ones, as this recession has hit business and in particular sectors such as financial services, construction and the media hardest.
Arrogance and lies from kamikaze Brown that America caused the problem but Britain contributed to the problems in Europe. Both these two economies who rely on massive personal unaffordable debt. Any intelligent person could see it coming years ago. What surprised me was that the banks were lending money to individuals already in substantial debt.
What does the British economy consist of today; the housing market and the service industries and what a recipe for disaster!
A job is lost every 30 seconds and I see the business Czar has been busy helping people get or retain jobs it makes me wonder what it will be like when we have two unelected business/enterprise Czars helping industry the job loss will be every 15 seconds!
I seem to remember kamikaze Gordon severely criticising Margaret Thatcher for the unemployment figures when he was in opposition. Funny how he doesn't have much to say about it now, but then it will be a global problem as he always tries to point out.
Roll on the day when this useless Government have to "sign on"


  1. Dark days indeed Oliver, and I don't see how things can ever go back to the way they were. We need new policies from new parties for a changed situation. The old politics don't make sense anymore.

  2. The next idea of the business czar will be too invite Chinese sub-contractors in on short term contracts and give an enormous saving for Brown!
    God help us all.