Saturday, 20 June 2009

Gordon Brown Helped Cause the Crisis.

Who talks about Brown's personality all the time? Gordon Brown:

My moral compass, my puritanical upbringing, me and man manse, my father is the priest, I have saved the world, or at least the world banking system, I am the best man for the job and on and on.

We should add his shameless unfamiliarity with the truth, the most recent examples being his unblushing insistence that he had not wanted to replace Alastair Darling as Chancellor with his ghastly Mini-Me, Ed Balls, and his blundering refrain about the current crisis that "this all started in America and it's nothing to do with me."
Where Brown would fail to convince even the most economically illiterate is that he has no strategy for recovery, other than doing more of the same which had failed. So far we had a one month blip, after the massive fiscal and monetary binge. What do you do for an encore?
The only way to improve Browns image, is for him to just GO. This man and his bunch of brainless cabinet ministers are finished . It is typical of their arrogance to ignore the public. And as for hiring a PR person, another waste of money. A leopard never changes it's spots.
Whichever party wins the next election, the people will be the losers.
Parliament still has not grasped the fact that it is incapable of managing its own affairs.
There is pain to come, not relieved by the knowledge that lying, cheating, corruption and self-interest will go on as usual.
My fear, is that he will manage to cling on to power until the spring. By then, the world's economic outlook will have improved, allowing him to take the plaudits of the unthinking end of his electorate.
He may just be able to bamboozle the people that he had indeed steered us through it, just like ancient priests took the credit, by successfully propitiating the gods with the people's offerings, for the sun rising each morning.

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