Friday, 12 June 2009

Brown's negligence and misplaced largress

LABOUR will have to force through huge tax rises if it wins the next election, Treasury minister Liam Byrne let slip yesterday.
Brown the Clown reneges on his promises and nobody likes a liar, let alone votes for one.

However, because of clown Brown's past negligence and misplaced largess, he has run our economy short of money and it is quite obvious clown Brown is going to need more money from fewer taxpayers to continue paying for his frivolity.
If you print money get the country in to massive debt and just carry on as you like while claiming plenty of allowances for yourself, eventually somebody will have to pay for it.
That somebody will be the British taxpayer.
Of course taxes will go up that is what they always do under Liebour anyway.
If you want to totally wreck the economy vote Liebour it happens every time.
Liebour will not win but the Tories will be left holding the shopping bag and this time it is going to be a very big bag of debt, unemployment, underfunded projects and a weak pound.
You would almost want to lose if you had to take this mess on once you took office.
The solution for the long suffering taxpayer is to emigrate and take all your money with you.
This mess is so big it is going to go on for decades no matter who is in power. So for those
that can, please get out; you didn't cause the mess they did let them clear it up.
If they ever sort out this mess you can come back if you want. But I suspect that once you realise what is out there in countries that don't get in this kind of mess you will not want to come back.
I want the UK to be so much better but it is run by people who don't know what they are doing.
Tragic but that is reality.

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