Tuesday, 23 June 2009

SHAME... SHAME. and a plague on your house.

What sad , sad day for democracy.

The First Commoner of the Land voted in by the most corrupt Government of all time and who is one of the crew to now captain the ship.Well, here's to a sinking ship, the only ones that I hope to see survive are those MP's who showed some level of honesty and decency by not exploiting their position and John Bercow is not one of them, far from it.
'He' our Supreme Leader "praised Mr Bercow's 'great personal strength, integrity and independence." That's rich coming from kamikaze Brown, he doesn't know the meaning of personal strength and integrity.
The fact that (Tory) Mr Bercow's campaign to become the 157th Speaker of the Commons was run by Liebour MP's and backed by senior Cabinet ministers, just goes to prove the lengths of skulduggery that these politicians will resort to.
As for the British public, we are treated as usual with derision and contempt.

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