Monday, 8 June 2009

Backbench Liebour Cowards!

"Pledge of loyalty" What the hell are these cowards doing?

I would have thought that the only "pledge of loyalty" which matters in government is that to the monarch - not some transient Muppet of a politician. The next "pledge of loyalty" is to the Citizens, with "party" coming a rather unimportant third, at best.
If this is Brown's idea of government in a DEMOCRACY it is definitely time to get shot of him and the sooner the better!
It is about time the legitimate citizens of this country irrespective of their race or colour rise up and stop the dilution of the country, the draining of its treasury coffers and demand a complete overhaul of the welfare state and essential public services in order to benefit the true and rightful citizens of this country who truly contribute to the country. It is not a question of racism but common sense.
Get rid of this paranoid government now and lets have a proper, fair and much needed general election to protect the interests of this country and not to preserve the ideology and self interests of the present government. The people must have the right to elect the persons and party they wish in order to serve nothing else but the people. This is a democratic process and whatever else one hears from the members of the present government is nothing more that a face saving and self preserving exercise.
Protesting by not voting is absolutely stupid. By not voting those people allowed this government to think it may still have a chance. Had at least 70% of this nation voted last week it would have sent a clear message to everyone in politics. Instead now we have news organizations and other people giving thier interpretations on the events that passed. People have to stand up for what they believe and protesting by not voting does not get the job done or the message sent home.


  1. The only way to rid this country of the rotting scum in Westminster is to take to the streets.

  2. Lorenzo your absolutely right,look what happened today with the BNP, its a pity that it wasn't Brown and his cronies.