Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Rats leave!

Jackboot Jacqui and Hewitt... that patronizing bitch and Hughes are finally going!

These Bliar's babes chosen not because they were capable, able, intelligent or qualified to be MP's but chosen for political correct reasons, Cooper, Blears, Harman, Kelly - the list is endless.
Social engineering by liberalism's doesn't work, and I think the Liebour party have shown the Country that it doesn't.
Parliament should be shut down and an election given to the people of Britain, a choice of DECENT candidates chosen by local people, not select committees that are also stupid people.
But no rats have left or jumped ship. These rats are staying until the ship docks and they can safely get off with all their luggage, belongings and enough cash to set them up.
They have no integrity whatsoever!

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