Sunday, 28 June 2009

The bigger the lie the better.

Flash Gorgon Brown will attempt to move the debate on with the launch of Building Britain’s Future, a policy document meant to present ideas for public service reform.

It was in the early days while Gorgon was Chancellor that I noticed how unsubtle his Porkies were.
The thing that bothers me is his temerity to think that no one remembers them.
Growing up I learnt that people would tolerate various crimes. But no one I can recall ever would ever tolerate a liar. This is a simple principle Gorgon has not learnt. I believe that no matter what his attempts are to recover himself and New Liebour nobody will forgive his lies.
I believe this so strongly that I would place a bet that he will suffer humiliating personal defeat at the next election.
'Shoring up the base in the Northern heartlands' - by repeatedly lying to them! If that's the blatant contempt Liebour has for its core voters no wonder so many have switched to the BNP. Liebr's core vote won't win an election, they have to win in the midlands & south where we hold liars in contempt.

When the heroic Flash Gorgon and his friends land on the planet Mongo, they find it ruled by the evil Emperor Ming, a despot who quickly becomes their enemy.
The capital of his empire is named "Mingo City" in his honour. Ha you could not make this up, London soon to be re-named then the Brownvile City.

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