Friday, 19 June 2009


Redaction means black out which means cover up. Do these people think we are stupid and cant see through their games. We need an election to get rid of them. Otherwise the cover up goes on.
kamikaze Brown says he didn't tell the officials to blank out the information. He should have told them not to do so. He knew they would so he cannot claim plausible deny ability here. Neither can the cheating lying MP's.
The MP's have now created an even bigger problem for themselves. We now know to what extent they have tried to cover their theft from the taxpayer. Thank goodness The Daily Telegraph gave us all the detail - it has resulted in more than £480,000 being repaid by the people we have elected to represent us.

How on earth Hazel Blears was not deselected last night I will never know.
She only repaid £13,000 of capital gains tax when she was found to have "flipped" her properties to her financial advantage. If you or I tried this do you think we would have been allowed to get away with it? Not likely.
Blears behaved appallingly - I know she is not the only one but her resignation and the manner of it is totally unacceptable regardless of her abject apologies.
The matter is in the hands of the people of Salford. If Blears is the sort of MP you want to represent you then so be it - but if you want to show that you want her to go, then take action now!
I have just been going through my local MP's accounts and find the same tale of woe. She made a claim for candles which were on a winter sale; OK she got a 20% discount but how on earth can you justify that candles are a justifiable item! I will be writing to her shortly about this and other items which have been blacked out.

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