Saturday, 13 June 2009

"The Kinnocks are Brussels very own Lord and Lady Expenses"

In all, the Kinnocks qualified for pay, allowances and pensions worth £8 million. The lack of receipts required for EU expenses makes it impossible to know if they claimed living allowances on the same home.
"The Kinnocks are Brussels’s very own Lord and Lady Expenses,” said Mats Persson of Open Europe, the London-based think tank that calculated the Kinnocks’ earnings. I really think that he meant to say parasites instead of expenses.

I have to question whether Kinnock is a suitable minister for Europe. How can she distinguish between the interests of Britain and the interests of the institutions that she and her family have relied upon for their income for so long?
The precise amount of taxpayers’ money these two parasites received for their European roles has not been made public. However, Open Europe has calculated that the couple claimed £6m in staff and salary allowances and would have received a further £1.7m if they had claimed the maximum to which they were entitled.
These parasites should be ashamed of themselves. They have been elevated to political royalty on the backs of the working class that they claim to represent.
They are not interested in Britain's future, only their own, it makes me sick. They are all being paid by the EEC to get us in there, when they do they will be rewarded with great jobs for life and pensions we can only dream of.
Kinnock was the one who was absolutely determined to get rid of the House of Lords once and for all, and swore he would NEVER be a part of it .... until he snatched their hands off when he was offered the chance.
Typical self-serving Socialist. No **** standards at all.

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