Friday, 12 June 2009

It's all part of Lord 'parasites' plan!

Lord 'parasite' Mandelson caused uproar yesterday by lavishing praise on the euro and declaring Britain wanted to join. The parasitic Business Secretary, the second-most powerful man in the country following last week's Cabinet reshuffle, hailed the currency as a 'great success'.
So, Mandelson is the enemy within is just not another parasite.
Parliament has nothing to do as laws are now made in Brussels; the UK will be steamrollered into the Euro without a vote.
Who are you to tell the country what to do, as far as I am aware you are an unelected disgraced minister who has been kicked out of you job. You must have some serious dirt on kamikaze Brown who let you back in again.
Mandelson is a real parasite and I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.
He's always had an agenda regarding Europe, but the people don't want the Euro or HIM!
Well actually Mandy "old chap" you wont dump our pound you will be defeated at the next election.
You and your cronies will not go down in history as the party that dumped the pound you will go down in history as the party that got defeated because you led Britain to the brink of a total financial meltdown.
You only delay the day when the electorate finally get the opportunity to remove your government and they will you can be sure of that. Nothing can save Liebour and nothing should.
The time is long overdue to close one of the blackest chapters in Britain's political history.
Your party will go down in history as the party that let Britain down because it was too busy taking advantage of the allowances system to run the country.
You wont ditch our pound the British people will ditch you.
Only then can we begin cleaning up the mess you have made of this great country and hold our heads up in the world again.

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