Sunday, 21 June 2009

Gordon's whiplash for the Speaker!

All the candidates are mostly inadequate - simply because they are all MP's already. The public don't give a monkeys who wins this election because they know deep down it won't change a thing. We will end up with a hypocrite because Brown instructed his whips to get their MP's to vote for Beckett - remember they all just clapped the last speaker out after stabbing him in the back with a gushing of congratulatory messages. What a crock of shit; these snakes will shake your hand whilst removing all your rings. A couple of weeks ago Martin was supposedly at fault for all their expenses claims - today he's a 'great man'. These people are completely without morals, I've never seen anything as despicable in my life. Burning has to be the way forward to remove this infestation of rats in this parliament.
It is imperative that the next speaker be a shining example to the House and with no record of wrongdoing in the light of the expenses scandal.
Anne Widdecombe is the only candidate I would trust to do this job impartially and rightly deserves the position, which is probably why this corrupt bunch of so called Government MP's will fix the vote to get their own way again.
No doubt they will claim more expenses to in the process.

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