Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The time to spend like a drunken sailor is over.

Again David Cameron and his team are allowing the government the chance to accuse them of 'slash and burn cuts' because he refuses to give details.
If these cuts are going to be behind the scenes are involve changes to the ways thing are done and to reduce wastage and red tape then tell us David. if that is the case then he will find the vast majority of people will agree with him.
Anybody who believes that which ever party wins the next election is going to have any option but to cut public expenditure and or raise taxes is living in a dream world. Most of the electorate realises that. The sad thing is that the present government is so paralysed by its own internal political strife that it can and will do nothing about it, whilst all the time the situation gets worse.
I suspect escalating the public importance of this issue by flaming the Tory party might well turn out to be an own goal, which may explain why Cameron looked so very relaxed about letting the argument rumble on through PMQs.
These cuts are coming whoever wins the election and the Tories won't have to try even the least bit hard to nail that one. Treating people like fools - as a dog returned to its vomit so doth kamikaze Brown to his habitual ways.
A 10% cut in spending, excluding health, education and aid, is nothing.
We could cut taxes by almost 90% if government went back to fulfilling the only role for which it is required.
The time to spend like a drunken sailor is over, kamikaze Brown knows this, the Tories know this, and the debate should focus on where it should fall. Instead what we get is a juvenile, fingers in our ears exercise, which refuses to recognise the reality of the situation - as a country we're bust.

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