Saturday, 6 June 2009

Time for a referendum

Brown may treat the females in his cabinet as window dressing but he treats us the British Public as suckers and idiots to be lied to and deceived at every turn.

Even during his last press conference yesterday according to the reporters he told porkies. He will do anything to get past January 2010. WHY? According to many commentators and the well respected Financial Times 5th June 2009, January is the month the Lisbon Treaty will be ratified if only the Irish will vote for it in the second referendum he is forcing on them for the treaty.
He has not allowed us the British people one Referendum that was promised twice in Parliament by Tony Blair. Blair was asked twice and he said yes. Even if every country voted for or against the Constitution we have the opportunity to have a referendum.
We went into the last election with this promise. So when anyone brought up the subject during the Election they were quickly squashed by saying there was going to be a Referendum on the Constitution.
Straight after the Election Blair said their would no be a referendum because it had been turned down. Then Brown said it was unnecessary for a Referendum because its not the Constitution.
A duck is still a duck even though you may call it something else. Has anyone here seen or read the treaty?
We are allowing this man who slithered in to sign it hoping the cameras had gone without a having a referendum.
Should the Irish be persuaded in October 09 to vote then it will be ratified in January 10. We the British people will then lose control of our nation and be subject to an EU dictatorship that already 180,000 laws have been passed for. None of us know what the treaty say or what the laws say either.
Start Rocking the Boat! Save Britain! Every generation we have had to save this nation and our Freedoms, this is no less a time than our fight against Spain’s Armada, Napoleon, Hitler; We had traitors at the top then such as Edward and various nobles, who said we should throw our lot in with these murderous men. This is no lesser time. Phone email, write, your MP and demand an election and a Referendum before we lose our rights.
Gordon leave it to others the assessment of your character and any abilities you may have, because as my mother - and hers before her - was often to say:-
"Self Praise is no praise."
I have been saying for months now that Brown has serious mental problems - delusions of omnipotence and indispensability, paranoia, unmitigated arrogance, utterly unjustified self-belief .... I believe he is a dead cert for the role of the Captain if they ever remake "The Caine Mutiny".
Meanwhile, someone must relieve him of command of HMS "U.K." before he sinks it for good.
He has been the most disastrous Chancellor and Prime Minister since the 1930's ... and, sadly, the only one who can't see it seems to be him.
I sense that, if his colleagues in Parliament do not quickly do a Julius Caesar job on him, it will fall to the long-suffering taxpaying electorate of this country to step in - perhaps via a General Strike - and show him that the only true source of political obligation is the CONSENT of the people to being governed. And, as demonstrated by the local government election results, they have had Brown and Liebour "up to here".


  1. I use the old,old way of judging anyone in authority by asking myself:-
    "Would you buy a used car from this person"
    it sems to work every time.

  2. A camel is a horse designed by committee, Gordon Brown is a Prime Mentalist designed by inmates of a mad house.

  3. After last weeks election fiasco time is up for Brown and Liebour.