Tuesday, 9 June 2009

One rule for the BNP and another rule for the others!

Whether we agree or not over the BNP they have the right to speak, this man is an officially elected MEP.
The fascists in this case appear to be the members of Unite Against Fascism group.
Why did the police not stop the protesters, especially since they assaulted people and caused damage to a car. I wonder will prosecutions follow or is it a case of one rule for the BNP and another rule for others?
The BNP candidates were elected under the rules pertaining. They therefore have a right to be heard (subject to various laws curtailing free speech imposed by the Liebour Government)
People in the North West and Yorkshire who did not vote have no right to attack the BNP candidates.
There were ample numbers who could have ensured that no BNP candidate got elected. Any attacks should be directed against their laziness!
The BNP is a socialist organisation - despite what the BBC and other groups say.
Men fought in the war partially to allow free speech. This is a vindication of their sacrifice.
If you want to attack the BNP - attack their policies.Until you defeat their ideologies in open debate you won't reduce their following.


  1. Aye Oliver - the fascists are the ones trying to shut others up. That's a dangerous road.

  2. It certainly is and will this be the case in Scotland??

  3. Britain is finished, we will be in a similar situation to Pakistan and the Taliban within 5 years. Civil war is just down the road.

  4. Lorenzo,there is a touch of Enoch Powell in what you write.