Saturday, 27 June 2009

New poll shows 77% of German voters want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty

Gordon Brown take note!

26 June 2009

On 30 June, judges at the German Constitutional Court are due to rule on the compatibility of the Lisbon Treaty with the German Constitution.

Ahead of the decision, Open Europe, in collaboration with the Institute for Free Enterprise in Berlin, today publishes a new poll which shows that 77% of Germans want to be given a say on the Lisbon Treaty in a national referendum.

Voters were asked:

"Do you think that German voters should be given the opportunity to have their say on the new EU Treaty in a national referendum?"

77.3% said yes, 20.7% said no, and 1.9% said they don't know.

A representative sample of 1010 people of voting age (18+) in Germany were polled between 8 and 10 June by German polling company Psyma.

Click here to see the results:


  1. The people of the EU are getting the Lisbon treaty regardless of their opposition. Clearly the EU is run for an elite by an elite and the ordinary punters can take a flying leap.

  2. Increased power for Brussels means weaker nation states and a stronger case for the regions to be given independence. A chance now for the SNP!