Tuesday, 25 May 2010

It is a sad fact that the Labour Party always suffers from collective ‘memory loss’ when it comes to their own disastrous failings when in power.

I watched David Cameron's speech today and it was spot on. Harriet Harperson and the Labour party should be ashamed of themselves. There was even a little socialist Labour man whinging about the abolition of child trust funds, and Cameron knocked down his argument straight away. As outgoing treasury head admitted, THERE IS NO MONEY LEFT!... A concept that socialists are unable to comprehend. Yellow streak Brown can postulate about the "global financial crisis" until the cows come home, but at the end of the day it was men like him as Chancellor that were telling "those responsible" to take more and more risks. It was yellow streak Brown who insisted in inflating the bubble when all around him suggested it be allowed to deflate. Yellow streak Brown played no small part in causing the "Global financial crisis".New Labour are entirely responsible for all of this. The worst government ever. Cameron is right: they'll never say sorry. The Labour party aren't even capable of being gentlemen. Sour, sour people the lot.
I have just been watching the BBC's coverage of the Queen's speech on the evening news. Dear, dear me. Has it ever been more obvious where the broadcaster's sympathies lie? One item suggested that NHS cover in Bangor would be reduced to emergencies only following the imposition of the cap on non-EU immigration. The only thing missing from the Queen's speech was to announce the break-up of the over-subsidised, left-leaning, Labour-supporting BBC. Please David and Nick clear out the biased BBC before they screw up the coalition.

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