Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Which way to vote? Conservative please.

Labour have lost the plot they can't even get it right on tactical voting scary Ball's, pig Hain and Olympic Jowell say do yellow streak Brown and teflon Bliar say don't, all this flip flopping around no wonder the country is in such a mess.
By treating their voters with such condescension, scary Ball's, pig Hain and Olympic Jowell have probably finished off New Labour. Those supporters have been lectured as though they are illiterate oiks who need to be told how to vote, it's unbelievable really, I hope all three lose their seats.
So now yellow streak Brown wants people to vote Labour because he wants to get the maximum Labour votes? Surprise, surprise!
No doubt that people employed in non-jobs in the public sector, benefit scroungers, immigrants and so on will continue to vote for this disastrous Party, purely out of self-interest, whilst the honest, productive, hard working taxpayer, already struggling to survive the economic downturn, will be the ones left to foot the bill for their financial incompetence!
The voters are not as delusional as yellow streak Brown thinks. He asks us to forget the thirteen years of incompetence which culminate in the UK being saddled with enormous debt and an enormous annual budget deficit.
This is mis management by this government and they do not deserve another term simply measured on non performance to date.
He's grasping at straws talking about minor fiscal issues whilst ignoring the mountain of debt with which he has burdened the UK.

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