Monday, 3 May 2010

Yellow streak Brown praying for a miracle!

As always yellow streak Brown is parachuted in to a pre-planned, staged event full of sycophantic "Labour Luvvies" who won't ask him any real questions and who will sit slack-jawed, clapping at every word their glorious dictator says.
“I’m fighting for my life, but I’m not fighting for myself — I’m fighting for the British people". Your life? We--including Gillian Duffy and others on the opposite side of the political divide are fighting for our respective livelihoods!
Because you ruined our country. You and your arrogance. You and your revived CLASS WAR preaching envy and spite, inciting victim hood complex and persecution complex, causing the mentality of millions of Britons to rot.
In 1997 we heard the refrain "Things can only get better" this year something from The Church Of Scotland hymnal. Hopefully we will hear something borrowed from the football terraces "Cheerio,Cheerio,Cheerio"

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