Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Pig Hain is urging people to 'vote with their heads, not their hearts' on Thursday

So that confirms it, untrustworthy pig Hain and scary Balls advocate tactical voting. They will say anything to remain in power. This is definitely a sign of desperation from Labour. Hain is a fraud and a serial liar who made thousands of pounds in expensives out of the British
taxpayer. He was made to resign....done nothing wrong guv only got a bad memory....forgot to declare I had thousands of quids given to me.....mistake?
"Labour today comes the closest yet to suggesting that its supporters vote tactically in constituencies where the main battle is between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives."
VOTE CLEGG AND GET BROWN, Milliband, Balls, Harman or any other untrustworthy Labour politician that fancies their chances. They are trying to dupe the electorate, because Labour will remain the dominant party in any Lib/Lab pact.
It is now clear, voting for D.Cameron, give him a clear mandate, or, VOTE CLEGG AND GET BROWN.

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