Thursday, 13 May 2010

Go and re-build yourselves on another monkey Island and stay there!

Well we all knew David "prat" Millibrand was going to be 'up for it' as he dilled and dallied about ousting yellow streak Brown when the yellow streak was in office, but, either hadn't got the guts to bid for the leadership then, or else did not want the difficult job of being PM at a time when the going had got tough.
Now labour are in opposition it will be easy peasy for them to sit back and try to pull apart the new Coalition government. All this talk of regrouping etc simply means working out how best to get the new government out whilst not having to clear up their own mess. All of them are lower than a snakes belly! and by that I mean snake Mandelson's, and that shows how low they are.
They are the most untrustworthy bunch you could come across and it will be hilarious watching them all stitch each other up for what they cherish most - power at any cost.
It was great watching them all squirm on television and try and defend the indefensible when the election results came out. Great to see this shambles are all washed up after the mess they have left this country in.

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