Thursday, 6 May 2010

The best way to change this is to vote Conservative.

Prior to yellow streak Brown being made Prime Minister (and let's not forget that he was never elected to the post), he and his party promised various referendums to allow the populace to decide on some very key issues.
Since taking up the position of PM, he has proceeded to push legislation through Government and committed us, without our say so, to the very same key issues.
On TV tonight I heard him say that a vote for Labour would result in the population of the country having a referendum on something or other. To be honest, I thought yet another lie from the yellow streak Joker. I lost interest and turned the TV off.
Yellow streak Brown is the biggest liar and hypocrite ever to have been allowed to run this country, and when the country finally descends into civil war, he should not be allowed to return to his precious Scotland and instead, face the population of the country he has managed to destroy.
Democracy, what democracy? We're all currently living in the yellow streak Gordon Brown's town Dictatorship.
So, today is the day to change from living in Gordon's town and vote Conservative to change Britain back to becoming Great again.

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