Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Goodbye socialism, hello realism.

Congratulations David Cameron and "shuffler" Nick Clegg. I'm more than happy that the middle ground is covered; I am sick of the super rich. I want to see results for the middle and working classes.
Yes, there will be cuts and we all know its going to happen because those not so clever mathematicians have led us all up the garden path with their clever gambling plans. Lets hope for a bit more common sense and a country that generates real wealth for the ordinary people. Small business and sensible spending for me.
The date of the next election is set signaling a sea change and today David Cameron and Nick Clegg begin the daunting task of rescuing our economy and society, presiding over a new blend of policy and collaborative government. Only the petty and small minded will not allow these men of goodwill to help Britain and all work together for success and the common good. One gets sick of the detractors who instead of building want to constantly tear down yet have no alternative solution.
Good luck to them if they can get us out of the mess without too much pain for the less fortunate then bring it on.


  1. Very, very happy Oliver.
    It shows me that David Cameron is a true moderate in a political sense.
    The old style politics of putting naked party political interests and personal ambition in Browns case wanting to be PM for life has no place in the modern world.
    I agree with you that common sense, working in consensus with others for the common good, is the only way forward, to restore public faith in their governmental mechanisms.
    I think this is a great day, a new beginning, I wish David Cameron and Nick Clegg all the best in their attempt to build bridges and repair the damage done by 13 years of authoritarian one party rule.
    Only the spiteful and cynical would want this hope to be dashed!

  2. Hi Sean
    As you could read so am I.
    I was listening yesterday morning to Kevin Maguire (Daily Mirror writer) on GMTV. He was making fun and saying many unkind words about this coalition,without giving it a chance. I couldn't watch and turned the TV off. It just goes to show how low under the former labour government we have become as a society; now I hope it will change.