Friday, 7 May 2010

Which way will shuffler Clegg go?

The Conservatives have to be respected for spelling out before the election the kind of cuts that would be needed after the election regardless of who would be governing. They risked many votes but still went ahead and treated us like grown ups and told the truth. Labour didn't spell out this truth as clearly so if they now have to govern then I feel sorry for the voters who thought that they might prove to be more softer in their approach.
The only way Nick Clegg can gain any credibility for his party after an enormous thumbs down in the vote for them is show they are a serious political party after all and do what is best for the country no strings attached and support the Conservatives there is no need for any horse trading this is not the time changes in the electoral system there are far too many more important issues.
The country is bust and so is Socialist state control. Yes, it's certainly time to change and for government to work in the national interest - but not for an utterly corrupt and morally bankrupt Labour-led coalition.
I wish David Cameron and Nick Clegg the best of luck in sorting out yellow streak Brown's legacy of failure.

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