Saturday, 15 May 2010

We want a period of Conservatism, not Labour ism.

So the farce begins for the leadership of a defunct Labour Party. A Party that virtually destroyed our country. These two Marx Brothers should provide fine entertainment as the country realises the devastation they have brought. New Labour's economics was an utter sham,they lied and passing off spending as investment. Now both millipedes want to do a massive U-turn and re brand Labour as some sort of left radical party - who are they trying to kid!
They are a disgrace to the left. Bliar, yellow streak Brown, bumbling Straw and unelected Campbell should be sent to the Hague for war crimes charges. Vile spin doctor snake Mandelson should be banned from the Labour party. Actually, we are sick of all this so-called radicalism and yearn for period of Government in which successful practice is retained.
We are sick of Labour ministers having to show an audit trail of 'change' in order to be supposed to be doing their jobs. We want a period of restorative Government which tries to heal the divisions caused by 13 years of damage to our society and constitution.
We want evolution, not revolution. We want a period of Conservatism, not Labour ism.

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