Sunday, 23 May 2010

And to think that yellow streak Brown had intended to spend spend spend, adding more and more debt on the nation.

I'm afraid that when faced with an ever-ballooning amount of debt, Governments have to make deep cuts to their expenditure. The process is not without pain, of course, and many desirable projects (along with those that are decidedly undesirable) will be affected by such cuts.
The Business Department will bear the brunt of £6 billion in cuts while we keep pouring money into fake charities like ASH, Alcohol Concern, The Institute of Alcohol Studies and many other such organisations who supply bigoted, rent-a-quote zealots to harangue us over the airwaves about our smoking, drinking, eating habits etc.
The Police will be keeping their luxury cars, as will the Highways Agency and others. Overpaid jobsworths will be keeping their lucrative posts in local councils. The luvvie millionaire factory at the BBC will continue unhindered.
Get all troops back on UK soil. Make people on benefits work in their community to install pride. By the way business link did a great job in funding business to move abroad. They classed invoicing from the UK but manufacturing elsewhere as export, another one of yellow streak Brown's creative accountancy schemes. If the financial crisis had not happened yellow streak Brown might have got away with it. I just hope as the cuts and increased taxes bite, people will remember that it was yellow streak Brown's Labour government that got us into this terrible position.This government is now having to take the only course that is open. Labour should never be allowed anywhere near the Public Finances again.
Perhaps yellow streak Brown can use some of the money he will make on the lecture circuit to help pay off the debts his government ran up?

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