Sunday, 9 May 2010

Does anyone agree with me that the protest about voting reform looked a bit too good and timely. I had the feeling 'rent a crowd' were mobilsed LibDem

Our country is in debt to a figure which will probably exceed £3 trillion. Divide that figure by our population and the amount is staggering. This country is in crisis and what have we got after the election. The Libdems are bartering for a better deal. This is a time for change. All party banners should be cast aside and the country and the electorate should come first.
For many months the Libdems have talked the talk lets really see if you can walk the walk.
Unpalatable and very tough decisions are required to move this country forward this will not happen with a return of the yellow streak Brown.
The people who say they would rather a LibDem/Lab alliance are the pathetic idiots who voted labour and are now desperate to hang on to power at any cost and do not represent the views of the voters as was proved beyond doubt by the election result. The one thing that came out of the election is that the public wanted labour out. Liar yellow streak Brown and the rest of his lying cronies will say anything to try and get Clegg onside.
A LibDem/Tory alliance may not be the perfect scenario but it definitely will be better than letting labour do more damage to the country

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