Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I just despair for this country, I really, really do!

Please remove the unelected yellow streak PM, the unelected slimy Alistair Campbell and the unelected snake Mandleson from the centre of British life. These self important people have no dignity and shouldn't say anything to me about my or this countrys life.
If shuffler Clegg strikes a deal with Labour, then consider this.
We'll have an unelected Labour prime minister back in Number 10 after he lost an election, supported by an unelected third party who've demanded that the unelected prime minister resign and be replaced in six months by another unelected (by the country) prime minister, that this country didn't vote for...
One of the first things the original unelected Labour prime minister will do is introduce a voting system that 76% of the country didn't vote for, to give more power to the least popular major party. All this while the country goes to rack and ruin financially, in no small part due to the first unelected prime minister and the complicity of the unelected least popular major party leader...
"Vote for real change, not fake change", said shuffler Clegg before the election. David Cameron should step back and say, OK, I tried, I was magnanimous in victory to a guy who got 20 something % of the vote, but he wanted much more than he was worth, (as valued by the electorate), of whom 77% did not vote for PR as an election issue in this election.
The Tories should sit there in opposition, as the party who got the most votes and most seats in this (democratic land) and let´s see how everyone grows to feel about that when governed by the rainbow coalition. The prospect of the English being governed by a bunch of feudal Celt's will not wash -after 6 months Cameron will get a huge majority and then he should have his revenge.

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