Saturday, 1 May 2010

No money to be made here you lying worm, now move on.

Are there no depths to which yellow streak Brown won't stoop in his ignominious attempt to get elected? He surrounds himself with a plethora of hated, devious, rejected political felons. To take back Bliar who is responsible for condemning hundreds of our finest youth and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi's and Afghans to an early death in pursuit of some immoral crusade just about falls through the bottom of yellow streak Brown's and Labour's barrel.
It's an insult to the whole electorate and all decent,thinking people throughout the world.
Before Tony Bliar leaves his mansion in Marble Arch every drain is checked for bombs, snipers are on nearby rooftops and any unfortunate passerby is frisked for their reasons to be there. This is the extent of the security that Bliar now demands and needs. And it is paid for by you and me.
Why does he need this level of security? Its a measure of the hatred he has generated by his rapacious pursuit of enrichment from America bought at the cost of the blood of young British soldiers thrown away supporting America's imperialism.
Bliar is now a prisoner of his own making. He cannot appear in public without an army of bodyguards. And yellow streak Brown and snake Mandelson think he will add lustre and credibility to the blandishments they offer for our vote.
It shows just how detached they are from reality, doesn't it?


  1. I'm not crying over "spilt milk" but I am aware of the hostility in the world for Bliar and his cronies.The sooner he vanishes from public life the better it will be.