Sunday, 1 February 2009

The heartless Mandelson doctrine against the workers and the kamikaze leader.

Yesterday Mandelson this unelected peer surpassed even himself by coming forward with the strong hint that British workers protesting outside the Total oil refinery on Humberside ought to look for jobs abroad.

Flint theMinister for Europe, was even less subtle. 'It is important to remember', she declared, 'that open European Labour markets also allow British firms and workers to take advantage of contracts and opportunities elsewhere in the EU.' What companies and what countries are investing at this time? Please tell me I would like to know.

Mandelson is one of the most gilded members of the European elite. For him moving across European borders is therefore a matter of first- class travel, Mediterranean yachts, five- star hotels, huge salaries and lavish expense accounts.

Mandelson was warning yeaterday that British workers are being 'protectionist' and risk plunging us into a depression because they object to Italians and other EU nationals taking their jobs spells out the true nature of this bare-faced betrayal.

The Business Secretary's remarks do not merely show that the government is hopelessly out of touch. They also demonstrate its disarray. For the Business Secretary has embarrassingly exposed the falsehood which lay behind our kamikaze leaders cynical pledge to provide 'British jobs for British workers.'

The kamikaze prime minister claimed Peter Mandelson's suggestion is as offensive and ignorant as the advice given by Marie Antoinette to the starving people of Paris as they rioted for lack of bread before the French Revolution.

British jobs for British workers was referred to by our kamikaze leader when he uttered these infamous words he was innocently referring to job training schemes he told us yesterday. Well if you are so gullible to believe that your obviously one of his cronies.

Kamikaze Brown knew exactly what he was doing. He was stealing a phrase which, as he knew all too well, was part of the campaigning vocabulary of the British National Party.
His motive was obvious. He was cynically planning to outflank the Tories from the Right in a classic New Labour campaigning strategy.
In the end, as we all know, kamikaze Brown famously bottled out of that election - but that one phrase has stayed with him because of its dishonesty.
The brutal truth is that there was absolutely nothing he could do to put his pledge to create British jobs for British workers into effect. European law does not allow it - as kamikaze Brown knew perfectly well all the time.
He was therefore playing a very dangerous game - creating expectations to keep out foreign workers that he could never deliver.
This did not matter 18 months ago, when the British economy was booming and there were enough jobs to go around. Today, when we face the worst economic recession since the war, it suddenly matters very much indeed.
Many jobs are also going to European workers - and European rules dictate that there is nothing at all kamikaze Brown can do about it. However, thanks to his own cynicism and folly, he has licensed a deadly and potentially racist campaign, which is peculiarly potent during an economic downturn. Kamikaze Brown is guilty of profound irresponsibility.
As Mandelson has spelt out so very clearly, our membership of the European Union means there is nothing that a British government can do to protect British jobs.
Between them, Mandelson's arrogant insouciance and kamikaze Brown's ugly cynicism have given a massive boost to the British National Party and UKIP ahead of this May's European elections.

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