Monday, 2 February 2009

No more CRUSADES the PC Brigade now attack cricket

A cricket team has been forced to change its name after angry complaints from Muslims and Jews.
The Middlesex Crusaders, who have played under the name for almost 10 years, will play next season as The Panthers.
Bosses at the county club acted after protests about the name from Jewish and Muslim communities, who said they felt it was a reference to the religious wars waged by Christians in Europe against other faiths.

But Middlesex members condemned the decision to change the team’s name and described the move as “batty”.

Middlesex, which plays most of its home games at Lord’s in St John’s Wood, won the 2008 Twenty20 Cup.

Typical PC Brigade reaction, next complaint will be about the ground being called Lordes, the PC brigade will say it sounds like a christian place of pilgrimage and must be changed, along with the barbaric saint John name as he was a christian.

So does this mean that the word "crusade" is to be outlawed? What about those newspapers who conduct crusades against wrongs in order to get the law changed? Are they to be banned from "crusading"? Everybody should use the word crusade and see what happens. As usual in this country whenever Labour are in power it is a case what can we destroy and hand over to others to run or own.

At the moment they are giving the whole country away. They are obviously apologists for some perceived sleight hundreds of years ago.
When they start to attack cricket I think it is time to CRUSADE against those petty minded PC socialist individuals.

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