Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Now is the time to crusade against the PC brigade and the BBC.

What with my article yesterday about Middlesex Crusaders I am convinced that there is a ploy by the PC brigade and the BBC to try and stir up as much as possible to take away the woes of this labour government and their kamikaze leader.

So in the UK a talentless foul-mouthed vulgarian like Jonathan Ross can say anything he wants and is paid £18million of licence payer's money as a reward. Yet an intelligent educated lady cracks a joke in private and now she faces humiliation and is asked to apologise because someone "sneaked". Is it me or is there something wrong here? The PC brigade should read our blogs and then they would have something to complain about.

"A BBC source said Chiles was 'very shocked' and others in the room told Thatcher they found her language offensive." Personally I find the overpaid, lack of talent Chiles offensive. Makes you wonder who hires these people at the top. As for the others in the room - remember the days when media people were worldly wise etc. Sadly no more. A private conversation is now a major investigation by the BBC.
Chiles...you are a moronic oaf ! When will the nosey, left wing, socialist, politically correct and totally annoying to most sane Brits movement take a reality check?
Why don't people just come clean and come out and say it....that is..most people make some sort of joke regarding religion, sex or race...all my friends and colleagues do. But we and others don't take it seriousely or take offence if directed towards us. Grow up for GOODNESS SAKE !
Whatever happened to this wonderful country. What a prissy lot they are. And no, I'm not a fan of Carol Thatcher.


  1. "When will the nosey, left wing, socialist, politically correct and totally annoying to most sane Brits movement take a reality check?"

    I object to the use of left-wing, socialist, and politically correct in the same sentence. Everyone should know by now that the PC brigade have infiltrated every major party and workplace. This has been achieved through the creation of a "victim" sub-culture, and a general atmosphere of paranoia across the UK.

    There is nothing "left-wing, or "socialist" about these scum bags.

  2. I object to the use of the term "Scum Bags" it is very un-Tractor Stat like language and I take a Fence. I am a scum bag myself and will be reporting to the BBC directly and asking if I can be Golliwogged. Up Carol, if she's for it. I am the God of Hell Fire and I bring you Ross's head on a stick, up yours too Tractor and may your diesel run out in the middle of a field. Oh I get so confused by all this CP nonsense.