Saturday, 21 February 2009

flash Gordon, what's £1600 when he's lost billions.

Could you believe it?

Our kamikaze leader could face a ticking off by MPs over failing to declare only £1,600 in rent.

Flash Gordon could be officially censured by MPs for apparently breaching Commons rules over his expenses on only a technicality.
The Standards Commissioner, John Lyon has stated that flash Gordon failed properly to declare £1,600 in rent from subletting his constituency office to Liebour Party colleagues. It just goes to show how much all these MP's are on the fiddle if Lyon spent more than a year investigating this complaint.
Lyon's report has been sent to the Commons Standards and Privileges Committee, which could discuss the findings as early as next week. It is thought that the MP's will fine him for not making more, after all its not just the £1600 is the least of flash Gordon's worries. He should now be made accountable for all the billions he has wasted.
The billions he lost selling so much of our gold, it now stands at $1000 per ounce!
The billions he spent with the 3 B's on an illegal war in Iraq.
The billions still being spent on a war in Afghanistan that will never be won with all the resultant deaths of our young men.
The billions given to all the immigrants most of which gets sent back home to their families.
The billions of foreign aid which goes straight into dictators pockets.
The billions spent on quangos and useless IT projects.
The billions spent on snoopers and ID cards.
The billions spent on do nothing administrators and his cronies.
The billions spent on the workshy benefit scroungers and last but not least the many billions he has used to bail out the banks who are currently giving the two fingered salute at him and us.

The British electorate are tired of the behaviour of all politicians in and out of office; we want people of high integrity and honesty who believe in what they are doing, and truly represent the needs of the people not their own bank balances.

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