Monday, 9 February 2009

Darling gives the cold shoulder to Osborne over Bonuses.

Frost on Sunday: Alistair Darling and George Osborne ignore each other during filming of BBC TV's The Andrew Marr Show yesterday .

As reported today.
Our kamikaze leader was said to be 'very angry' about reports that Royal Bank of Scotland, recently bailed out by the taxpayer, was set to hand out a billion pounds' worth of bonuses to staff.

I had an understanding why the government bailed out the banks in order to avoid financial system collapse but this is a disgrace. It is nonsense that they are contractually obliged to give bonuses.

Get a bit of A4 paper, and write a note of consent that those individuals will waive their bonus this year.
The hard part is getting the greedy leaches to sign. And if you think I'm bitter, I am.
My company is in profit, but to survive this, we all took a 10% pay cut, we have had 1 week unpaid in each of the last two quarters and there are no bonuses.
What makes these people so special, particularly when they have already had their skins saved once by the government. It is a sham, time to let them go to the wall and manage the consequences to the economy another way.

The bankers should be facing jail never mind getting bonus for failure. These clowns should be facing the asset strippers as well as long jail sentences.
This scum have to be stopped, and now , how many companies are going out of business weekly because of this lot of useless individuals, how many people out of work , how many people losing their homes? This rat infested club should be stopped now, kamikaze Brown do something with your miserable government then get out and stay out..
Having said all that this government has been paid for failure for the last eleven years and to cap it all that clown Prescott rears his fat head bleating about the bankers what a hypocrite, this incompetent fool has been top boy of the fiddling school for years.

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