Monday, 23 February 2009

Latest ICM poll

Gordon Brown, your morally corrupt. Go, for the sake of humanity go and take your Frankenstein party with you!

Flash Gordon's leadership is dragging liebour's vote down, that's according to the ICM poll published today. By a majority of more than two to one, voters say that the party would do better at the next election if it was led by someone else. Go, for the sake of humanity go and take your Frankenstein party with you!
These results will come as a blow to flash Gordon who has sought to present himself as the statesman best equipped to lead the world out of the financial crisis. Liebour had hoped that the G20 in London in April would showcase his global role. Go, for the sake of humanity go!

Flash Gordon's Frankenstein's Monster of a party he has helped to create as nuliebour, for that's what it truly is. He must of known how corrupt, evil and incompetent it would become.
But are we surprised, no, the only difference between Liebour,Tories and Liberals, is the amount of hypocrisy 'left wing' politicians will embrace to seize power and enrich themselves.
Flash Gordon has recently written, "Tough times like these test our character" So, I have to ask where is his! If he actually had any character he would call an election given that he personally does not hold power with the express mandate of the people. He was never directly elected as Prime Minister, just by the mandate of his corrupt party.

Flash Gordon said about a year and a half ago something along the lines of: "give us time to prove what we can do". Well, his time is up. We now want a choice. If he had real character, he'd give us, the people, the electors, the chance to have a choice. But he won't. He's too much of a coward to do that.
Fishing around for votes, and going soft on dealing with powerful bankers who have helped wrecked this economy, built, as it was on a bubble of borrowing that he should have seen coming and acted upon.

Global crisis, yes, we are worst placed in the whole world to deal with it, because our regulation of banking was less effective than Romania's. And still you greasily smile and deny all responsibility for anything.

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