Saturday, 28 February 2009

Flash crash Gordon Brown has reiterated his call for a clean-up of the financial system to ensure what he called "banking responsibility" in the UK and abroad.

He also repeated his promise of legal action to recover pension pay-outs negotiated by bosses of failed banks. Oh come on flash crash Gordon you know you don't mean it!

In a speech to Labour activists in Bristol, the flash crash prime minister said banks had lost sight of basic moral values. Where's his I ask!

He outlined his vision for a reformed banking system, and promised banks that would help families and small firms. Why has it taken so long to realise this.

Mr Brown told members of Labour's National Policy Forum that there had been "the biggest collapse in the banking system that the world had ever seen". Yes, and you were partly to blame.

He said: "Our task must be nothing less than to rebuild a financial system where it has failed, and then to create an economy in which banks are no longer serving themselves but are serving the public of this country." His task should be to call a general election and let the winners decide what is good for our country and not the labour party and you.

Mr Brown said that "somehow" the financial world had lost sight of ordinary people's values, such as fairness and hard work. Yes, I agree with but it is many other disciplines as well including top of my list politicians.

"Some came to believe that we should sacrifice the value of being fair to that of laissez-faire," he said. And, what have you been doing then?

"Some acted as though free markets could be value-free markets." That's what you been claiming all these past years isn't it!

He said that "nudging and deregulating" banks towards better behaviour had not worked. Again I ask you why has been taking so long for you to realise this!

"You need fair rules, rules that reward those that play by them and punish those who don't." Then say goodbye flash crash Gordon.

Then why on earth should we believe what Brown has to say!

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