Saturday, 31 January 2009


I listened this morning to what our kamikaze leader said about these wildcat strikes. In his own words (if you can believe them) "INDEFENSIBLE" Thats his buzzword for this week, and I bet on wednesday in westminster questions he will use it.

He went on to say that the government would do all they could to train people for apprenticeships. Apprenticeships for what, to train how to put butter on bread for a job in the sandwich group SUBWAY or how to stack shelves for jobs in Asda and Tesco. Don't you think that this is a little late, what have you been doing over the past 12 years?

The facts speak for themselves. This kamikaze leader boasts that more than three million new jobs have been created since Labour was elected in 1997. It has contemptuously brushed aside worries expressed by a tiny handful of its labour MPs that nine out of ten of these jobs have gone to foreign workers and all the rest are in the service industry.

Do you know since 2005 more than 50,000 national insurance numbers have been issued in Newham and practically all of them have gone to non-British workers.
So much for the kamikaze leaders idea that, under present rules, bringing forward big Government capital projects will help Britons fight the recession.
But the kamikaze leader cannot say he was not warned. When the EU was enlarged to take in countries from Eastern Europe, bureaucrats in Brussels, to their credit for once, told governments that they could put temporary restrictions on entry to their labour markets.
Germany was quick off the mark here. Quite rightly, it imposed restrictions to protect the German labour market.
And what did the British Government and our kamikaze leader do? Nothing is the answer only a few thousand new workers would come they told us.
We all know now that the Government and the kamikaze leader was miles out. No matter what you look at this Government have been in trouble for the past 10 years and there is no way back. Do the cowardly kamikaze thing and go without honour.

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