Monday, 26 January 2009

I warned of global financial crisis ten years ago, claims kamikaze Brown

Yes, the world is upside down for our kamikaze leader who reckons he warned of this banking crisis 10 years ago but did nothing about it.

The lack of confidence in the ability of the present government to bring the uk economy back from the brink of disaster is clearly shown by the rest of the world as the pound continues to fall. The currency of third world countries is even stronger than the uk pound. It is all very well for the kamikaze Prime Minister and dumble dorf Chancellor to blame what is going on in the world, but if only they could just once admit their contribution to our decline.

Since coming to power New Labour have sold the national gold reserves, taxed us at every opportunity, spent huge sums of money, borrowed far too much increasing the national debt to record levels. Not to mention starting an illegal war and allowing immigration to get completely out of control. Now they throw borrowed money at problems hoping they will go away. The country needs its best brains to get working on our difficulties and I for one do not think we have them in place at this time.

As he didn't see it all coming, isn't it about time we saw him going??

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