Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Mandelson to restart British car industry

Lord Mandelson made clear the money would have ‘eco’ strings attached, with a requirement that manufacturers develop low-emission vehicles.
He said he wanted to help ‘green Britain’s economic recovery’

Nu Liebor started off with the green "con" as an excuse to tax us to death. Now they are building the biggest airport ever. Two Jags promised to get us all out of our cars and on to his filthy dangerous public transport system. (Luddite Idiot!) Then we had Darling warning us that he would tax 4x4s off the roads this year with an ever increasing road fund. Then he wonders why no one is buying big cars and Land Rover especially. (even though he sold it to the Indians) Now they are going to GIVE money to encourage us to buy cars. Liars and idiots. If they had presented this lot as a gcse level economics project, the teacher would have sent for their parents.

Yet another badly thought out plan by our kamikaze leader and his cronies. My message to him is YOU MUST tell the people that this is a labour party, and we will spend. Invest, invest in all the people in single mothers, social care and pensioners, jobs and infrastructure, invest for the future. Update the railways, build the fast links. Build social housing. Build the new Thames airport. Update sea defences. Build new nuclear power stations. Stop messing around, show the people you have vision to take on projects that will benefit all when this recession ends. Show then you have confidence in the workers of this country... sorry I meant to say all you immigrants all the British workers have long gone! BECOME THE NEW BANKCRUPT BRITIAN AND KEEP LABOUR FOREVER.

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