Monday, 12 January 2009

Yet another Labour social mobility idea from Harman.

Harman's law is Labour's biggest idea for 11 years
A public-sector duty to close the gap between rich and poor will tackle the class divide in a way that no other policy has

Comment made by a fellow socialist.
"Brilliant article" by Polly Toynbee.Very optimistic and positive for the future.A long road ahead but the fact masters of the universe that help perpeutuate and prop up the class system have been shown to be a bunch of self serving knaves with little in talent to warrant their enormous++++ salaries has provided a golden window of opportunity for the government
etc, etc...

I had no idea Polly was allowed to comment on her own articles!

My comment.
The gap between rich and poor in Britain is greater than in almost all rich nations...
...and worse than it was in 1997.
So how about five more years of these hopeless incompetents. Any takers?
Custodians of the citadels of wealth have wrecked the economy
Wrecker-in-chief (Great Britain branch): James Gordon "Boom 'n Bust" Brown.
The increasing irrelevance of Toynbee and, by more than implication, her mate and class-equal, Harperson is starting to make the latter's aspirant, lightweight socialism and the former's press releases (they're hardly 'articles') for said aspirations seem increasingly surreal - and self-indulgent.
If you want to cure inequality of opportunity, you start with the family (by encouraging a stable family unit). You follow that with a broad base of education models made freely available to all, according to their lights. That's true equality. You follow that by generating the conditions that allow a dynamic, productive economy, unencumbered by the twin evils of punitive taxation and incoherent regulation, to flourish.
As with child poverty, Toynbee's government's record on all of the above is so appalling, future generations will be tempted to believe that they'd actually set out deliberately to damage the country they'd promised to "serve" in 1997. We shall see.
But more likely that judgment will come much sooner, in a GENERAL ELECTION (when we poor saps finally get one).

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